One In Three Will Visit an Orthodontist In Their Lives

One In Three Will Visit an Orthodontist In Their Lives

For many people in the United States, orthodontic treatments are going to be a part of their life. Recent estimates suggest that one in every three people (actually, slightly more, but the fractions aren’t important) will, at some point in their lives, make use of cosmetic dentistry or orthodontic treatment in order to fix the alignment of their teeth.orthodontic treatment

Your local Dentist performing professional family dentistry will be best equipped to tell you what treatments may best serve you. The purpose of this post is just to tell you why Invisalign invisible braces, if they’re an option, are the best choice for you. For questions about orthodontics click here on Cochran Orthodontics in San Antonio

1. It is comparably affordable

For many, cost of treatment is foremost in their mind, so let’s begin by talking about the cost of cosmetic dentistry and the treatments involved.

Standard braces, by which I mean braces made of the common metal used today (which, as of the time of this writing, is stainless steel), can run about four thousand dollars. Of this price, you’ll be responsible for covering three thousand dollars, and your insurance will cover the other thousand. Please note that this price may vary depending on the market you’re in.

On the other hand, in a comparable market, Invisalign braces can expect to be about five hundred to a thousand dollars more, depending on how long the individual cosmetic dentists and orthodontists have been offering them. The insurance will cover the same portion, leaving you to pick up the check for around thirty-five hundred to four thousand dollars.

Yes, there is a five hundred to a thousand dollar difference, but when you see the other four advantages that Invisalign has, you’ll see why it’s still such a great deal.

2. It is durable

Metal brackets for braces are designed to be durable, but that doesn’t meant that they can’t break. It is rare, but it does happen, occasionally, especially in people who don’t carefully clean their braces and their teeth properly every day and night. The corrosive effect of the food that is left in your mouth after you eat can, and will, eat through metal.

On the other hand, durability isn’t really an issue for Invisalign. The braces are only left in your mouth for two weeks at a time, then they’re removed and you move on to the next set of Invisalign aligners. Because of this, durability doesn’t really become an issue for Invisalign aligners.invisalign

3. It is comfortable

Braces aren’t that comfortable, alas. They consist of a lot of metal (or ceramics and metal), affixed to the teeth semi-permanently with the use of dental adhesive. They seem almost designed to catch food and other various debris in them, meaning they need cleaning as well as your teeth do, and their very design makes that cleaning a more complicated task. Add on to this the fact that the protrusion of the brackets can rub on the fleshy skin inside the mouth and cause lesions and rashes, and you have what will be an uncomfortable experience.

On the other hand, Invisalign aligners are form fitted, meaning that they don’t add a lot of bulk to the teeth. They aren’t mounted onto the teeth by anything, and are easily removed and replaced at will. They also don’t have anything for food to get stuck on, and they’re removable to make cleaning your teeth a breeze.

4. It is discreet

Braces are hard to hide, even with recent changes. Today, the use of ceramic braces has come more and more into vogue, and those ceramic braces are a good attempt to blend into the natural color of the teeth, but at the end of the day, there’s still that metal wire that can’t be hidden, nor can it be made of ceramic materials.

Invisalign has no metal involved in its aligners, on the other hand, meaning that there’s nothing glinting out from your mouth. Furthermore, the aligners are made of a clear plastic, so rather than attempting to blend into the natural colors, they’re allowing the natural colors to show through, ensuring that, even from close to your teeth, no one will be able to tell that the Invisalign aligners are there.

5. It works

This may be a silly thing to have to say, but yes, Invisalign aligners, like any form of braces, can get the job done. It works more incrementally than its elder competitor, but it works nonetheless.

So, if you’re out looking to fix your smile, consider giving your local cosmetic dentist call, and ask them if Invisalign might be right for you!

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